Rula is an exceptional agent and truly a wonderful person to deal with when buying/selling a home. She is so dedicated and expertly guided us through all of the steps involved in the sale of our family home. Because of her knowledgeable marketing and skilled negotiating, we sold our home quickly and at a price we were very happy with. You can tell that she really cares about her clients and will do whatever it takes to make a stressful process as seamless as possible. We were very impressed with her attention to detail and how she handled any problems that came our way. We can't recommend her enough!

Kevin M. Moynihan


Rula Baki is an extremely knowledgeable, competent and experienced agent. She is professional and dedicated in her line of work. I had the experience of this when she sold our home in Queens in May, 2018. It was a very difficult time for us and she made the experience of selling our home of 29 years seem so effortless. She dealt with our emotions with kindness and compassion in this process which was overwhelming for my elderly mother. She has become a trusted friend to me and comes highly recommended. She one of the best in the business.

Anna Basdew


Rula Baki is simply the best in the business. She is experienced, meticulous, extremely responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable about all the various neighborhoods in Long Island and Queens. From specifics about school districts to local businesses to home appreciation rates, her insights are  invaluable when navigating a real estate transaction. Purchasing a home is a significant life decision, and Rula works closely with her clients to ensure they are given all the necessary information to make the best possible choice, guiding them through every step of the way. I've worked with Rula on multiple occasions, for both home purchases and rentals, and each time, she worked splendidly with all involved parties (i.e., opposing party's agent, closing attorneys, mortgage brokers) to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. Rula demystifies what can be a very stressful process, always going above and beyond to ensure her clients are cared for. Rula is a true professional that any client would be fortunate to have represent them.

Anne Sim


It was so nice to have Rula as our buying agent. She is very professional, friendly, understanding and patient. Through our years of house searching efforts, Rula patiently stuck with us, guided us and supported us. She did her best to recommend houses to us, but was never pushy. She can look from your point of view and understand what you need. When I was frustrated myself with our seemingly conflicting and unachievable house searching criterions, Rula always smiles and says, don’t worry, we will find your dream home one day. She is familiar with the neighborhoods and the housing circle. She plays important role in our final negotiations and reaching the deal with the seller. She is also more than an agent and more like a friend. After the house is closed, she still keeps following up with us and checks in on how things are going and provides tips and sources for us to adjust into the new neighborhood.

Yan Zhu


Rula Baki is a professional real estate broker. She helped me buy a property in Manhasset. She is very professional and really familiar to the market. She knew our needs and spent a lot of time on investigating many candidate properties to fulfill our requirements. We trust her as she kept providing proved accurate info and professional analysis to us. She is always active and immediately respond to my question whatever by email, phone call or text. When it is time to pursue a property, she knows the sense of urgency and what is the best way to move forward. I would like to highly recommend her as your selling agent or buying agent.

Glenn Yu 


Real Estate agent Rula has been an integral part in the process of selling our home. She brings a high level of professionalism and dedication. She kept us thoroughly informed and updated through the process of marketing our home. She actively analyzed every potential buyer and guided us in making the best decision as she also showed full support through the closing process. Rula is very committed and will remain with you until the very end. Our home selling experience could not have been the same without her. She is a gem in the industry!

Daniel Kim


I met Rula in an open house and I knew right away that she was the realtor that I had been searching for all along. Her warm personality, friendly disposition, professionalism, and above and beyond availability made her an absolute pleasure to work with. She always went the extra mile for us and choosing her as our realtor was one of the best decisions we made during the whole house hunting process. Now we live in the perfect house for our family and we couldn't have done it without her. I would recommend Rula hands down to anybody looking for an exceptional realtor! 

 Claudia Quiroz


If I could have designed what I needed in a agent to sell my condo in Manhasset, it would have been Rula. From the get-go, she was positive and encouraging without ever being aggressive, a characteristic that I welcomed. She was always available and immediately responsive to my many phone calls and she was always a professional in every way imaginable. And that is what every seller most desires plus the expertise to know what makes a sale. Rula was all of this with the added bonus of being a charming and delightful person to know.  

Anne Bernard


Rula Baki made our home buying experience one that we would do over again and again (I'm sure you rarely hear that!). We were very unsure of what to expect from the whole process and untrusting of what we heard from other agents. However, once we found Rula, the process from beginning to end was seamless. She guided us patiently and honestly with each home we looked at over a span of two years until we actually found one that was just right. Her professionalism, kindness and compassion to just how overwhelming this whole process can be was what made it all so easy for us. I would use Rula as my agent for every single house I buy - you should too.

Malini Horiuchi


I listed my Aunt's house in August of 2015 shortly after her passing with Ms. Rula Baki. I was chosen by my Aunt to act as the Trustee & Executor of her estate years before when her husband had passed and, at which point, she decided to plan for & create her will & estate planning documents. My role was very different than the average Trustee/Executors' due to the fact that I was related to her thru marriage and was selling the property for the Estate's benefit. I had a fiduciary responsibility to the estate & I took it very seriously. My role & promise was to solely protect the assets of the estate and have the estate receive fair value for her home & other assets. It was also my obligation legally. I knew this situation would put more pressure on the realtor I selected, as well as myself. I selected Rula Baki because I trusted her as a professional realtor and as a person. Integrity is my number one requirement in all things and Rula definitely had & demonstrated that attribute thru the entire process. I can be a stubborn, tough and at times, a very difficult bargainer and I drew a very tough "line in the sand" while bargaining the sale of this home. I'm sure it was not very pleasant or fun for Rula at times, but she persevered, pursued, navigated and negotiated with me & the buyer and we were eventually able to close the deal largely due to Rula's outstanding, dogged and calm efforts. Rula never once displayed anything other than an extremely professional attitude, demeanor & work ethic. She did a great job under some difficult circumstances. I'm very happy I selected Rula Baki to represent me as our realtor and would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Sincerely, Stephen McDermott